Summit Program

Join officials and advocates from around the world who work for equality and justice through human rights education.

Apply to be a Youth Participant

If you are 18 to 29 years old and would like to represent your country at this year's Summit as a Youth Delegate, or have previously done so and would like to return as a Youth Ambassador, you may register and follow the instructions to complete your application. Summit Youth Program applications close on Friday, June 7.

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International Relations

Hear from youth and adult human rights champions. Collaborate with other passionate young men and women to make human rights a global reality. Establish international partnerships and friendships with delegates from more than 60 countries across the planet who share your commitment to human rights.

The Summit will feature the 2019 Human Rights Hero Awards, acknowledging those whose courage and determination has raised the bar on human rights in their respective nations and communities.

Press and Media

Special passes are required for members of the media and to ensure the UN will allow you to enter with any equipment you may require. Find out more here.

Summit Stories

  • Representing my country in this unique place was very special. The atmosphere is unlike anything else and I have never before witnessed so many young adults, from such diverse backgrounds, united for a common purpose. I made friends for life and this event really gave me hope once again in mankind.
    ANTHONY SCHERRER – Youth Delegate, France
  • The summit really is the place to be! A life changing experience, there I made friends for life in my fellow Youth Delegates and Ambassadors, and people from all over the world. Each speech, each personal story, inspired me more and more! I encourage everyone who qualifies to apply to the Summit Youth Program. You’ll never believe what an impact it can have in your life until you have experienced it.
    ISABELLE VLADOIU – Youth Ambassador, United States
  • Being at the summit with Dr. Shuttleworth, all the volunteers and delegates really opened my mind and made me realize that this movement is a lot bigger than I had thought. There are so many people around the world who are working tirelessly and with so much determination and care, that it brought tears to my eyes more than once during the speeches. Seeing their work, hearing their stories and getting to know some of them really confirms the idea that human rights can become a reality. I think everyone doing any type of work in the area of human rights should attend, it certainly refuels the purpose of continuing the work. Totally worth the trip!
    LORENA LAN – Volunteer, Mexico